You’re fine for now.

There’s food on the supermarket shelves.

There’s still water to drink.

The weather is still mostly familiar from when you were young.

You can continue to plan your future.

You can continue to act as if your future will look like your past.

You’re Safe Til 2024 is a theatre project looking at the massive changes taking place on our planet.

Writer David Finnigan and musician Reuben Ingall are creating a series of different shows looking at different aspects of planetary transformation.

Each year from 2019, David and Reuben will present a new iteration of the project, building up to an epic 8-hour finale performance in 2024.

Pic by Leanne Dixon

In 2018, playwright David Finnigan was commissioned to create a work about climate change that was 'hopeful' and ended 'on a positive note'.

But positive notes can feel pretty strange in a moment of planetary crisis, and there's nothing more hollow than forced hope.

Instead, David undertook a different endeavour. Over 2018-19, he interviewed 40 different scientists and asked each of them one question:

What’s the biggest change happening in the world today?

Pic by Bryony Jackson

The stories the scientists told were a mix of the surprising, the scary and the beautiful.

Scorched sand from Australian nuclear tests, million year ice cores, Galapagos Island beaches, feathers from a goose that's been through a plane's jet engine, whales singing with boat engines, and many more.

Together, these stories form a snapshot of the planet today: a behind-the-scenes tour of the strange ways that humans are remaking the earth.

Now, David and Reuben are bringing these stories to life on stage.

Performance at Sydney Opera House (2019). Pic by Anna Kucera.

Each year from 2019-24, David and Reuben will create a new show, each with its own distinct style, exploring a different part of the human-earth system.

In 2019, they launched the first version: a two-person performance lecture. A live documentary told in stories, beats and sounds.

After premiering at the Griffin Theatre in Sydney, the show toured to the Sydney Opera House, Bunjil Place in Melbourne, the Pleasance at Edinburgh Fringe, and Straits Clan Singapore.

Check the review in the Guardian here.

Musician Reuben Ingall and writer David Finnigan hail from Canberra, Australia.

They previously collaborated on Kill Climate Deniers: dance party, stage play, club music album and walking tour of Parliament House.

David Finnigan is a playwright and theatre artist. He works with research scientists to create theatre about climate and systems change.

Reuben Ingall makes hi-tech lo-fi music, algorithmically mangling his guitar, voice and other sources to create lush soundscapes and lonely drone.

Image by Sarah Walker

You’re Safe Til 2024 is an ongoing evolving work. We’re continuing to meet with scientists, researchers and activists, and working with new creative collaborators on each iteration.

In 2020, we’ll be presenting more seasons of the first version of the show, and in October we’ll present the second iteration for the first time.

If you'd like a copy of our tour pack, if you’re interesting in hosting a performance of the work (or if you know anything about building large-scale 8-hour epic performances), feel free to get in touch:

youresafetil2024 (at) gmail (dot) com